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What We Do

SocialProvidence provides social media consulting rooted in analytics that it translates to actionable strategies. Managed by digital native millennials, with the counsel of the global PR arm of Havas, we develop future-forward products that will help clients move at the speed of the social landscape. We like to think of social media as the ecosystem […]


Meet Our Team

SocialProvidence’s general managers, Giuseppe Crosti and Mike Cunningham, are 2013 Venture for America (VFA) fellows. Crosti and Cunningham joined VFA as young entrepreneurs focused on revitalizing the economy and community within Providence.

Social Providence at Work

Hatching Entrepreneurs

Remember millennials—the generation living at home and having a hard time finding jobs? Turns out, some are declining six-figure salaries right after college and instead choosing (much) lower-paying jobs. Why? Ask anyone in Providence, R.I. Providence is one of only a few U.S. cities to conceive an environment for